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News from Rhodes Island

Wednesday 24 May 2006

Pinda/Kenney has owned me for six months now. He is teaching me well. We have started to work more on counter canter with him. Riding in the outdoor arena is good because it is bigger and more fun for him. His canter work is getting better and better.I ride him five days a week . Two lessons and three days on my own is the average. Lauren or Dirk schools him a six day depending on my work schedule.Some lessons Lauren  starts him for me but more often I start him now and we are improving all the time.


He is out every day in the field for four hours with his six year old Dutch friend Tuxedo. They play every day but also eat a lot of grass.


His coat is beautiful and our personalities are blending quite nicely. We both have worked very hard on having trust and confidence in each other and it is truly paying off. I do believe he is enjoying his life here. I know I am enjoying him so much.He is a fabulous horse that I am proud to own.


Thank you for giving him such a good foundation to work with. He is doing you proud!


Regards and happy riding,Robin 


P.s. Bliss is beautiful!