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It is going well with Pinda and Robin

Wednesday 25 October 2006

Below you will read an email we recieved today from the new owners of Philadelphia alias Kenney alias Pinda. We sold him october 2005 to Robin and Shawn.


Warren, october 25th

Hello Odelia and Gerard, 

It is hard to believe that it was one year ago that I was in Holland looking at horses. What a year!Kenney is pretty much the king of Pinegate farm. He enjoys showing off. 

I was very happy since I am the one riding him 90% of the time. I rode him in the full bridle 3 times. Not so difficult at all. Don’t know what I waited so long for.  I worked on some half pass movements. Great canter work. I am still not very good with counter canter but Lauren is helping me with it.

I am so  proud that he is my horse and working out so well,you should both be very proud of him also!

I hope all is going well with the both of you and your family. I am going to try to come to Holland in the spring for a visit . Take care.  

Regards Robin  {and Shawn of course!}